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Trunk lid outer panel

The trunk lid outer panel is an essential component of the trunk assembly in a vehicle. It is the exterior panel that covers the entire trunk compartment and provides access to it. The trunk lid outer panel is usually made of sheet metal or aluminum and is designed to withstand impact, corrosion, and other forms of wear and tear.

The trunk lid outer panel is typically attached to the vehicle’s body using hinges, bolts, and other hardware. It is also connected to the trunk latch mechanism, which allows it to be opened and closed. The trunk lid outer panel may also have a keyhole or a push-button release that enables the driver or the passenger to open it from outside the vehicle.

The design of the trunk lid outer panel varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Some may have a smooth and sleek appearance, while others may have a more angular or textured surface. Many newer vehicles also feature integrated spoilers or other design elements that are incorporated into the trunk lid outer panel.

Recommended Steel Grade: Bake Hardened Steel

Bake-hardened steel is a type of steel that gains its strength and hardness through a combination of carbon and nitrogen atoms. Strengthening elements such as phosphorus and manganese are also added to the steel to form solid solutions that prevent dislocation movement, thereby increasing its strength and hardness.

After shaping, the steel undergoes age hardening by heating it to a specific temperature and holding it there for a certain period. During this process, small particles precipitate in the steel, further enhancing its strength.

Bake-hardened steel is widely used in applications that require high durability and strength, such as automotive outer coverings. The steel typically has a ferrite microstructure, which is ductile but can be hardened through the addition of other elements and heat treatment. However, excessive carbon can make the steel brittle and reduce its overall strength.

Related material grade: HC220BD+Z or HC220BD+ZF


Grade: HC220BD+Z, HC220BD+ZF
C(max): 0.06
Mn(max): 1
Si(max): 0.5

Trunk lid inner panel

The trunk lid inner panel is an essential component of the trunk assembly in a vehicle. It is located on the inside of the trunk lid and is designed to provide structural support and protection to the trunk lid.
It is designed to fit precisely within the contours of the trunk lid and provides a smooth and even surface for the exterior finish of the vehicle.

The trunk lid inner panel is also an important component for sound and vibration insulation. It helps to reduce the noise level inside the vehicle by absorbing sound waves and preventing them from bouncing around the trunk.

Another important function of the trunk lid inner panel is to provide protection to the occupants of the vehicle in case of a rear-end collision. It helps to distribute the force of the impact across the entire trunk lid and prevent the occupants from being injured.

Recommended Steel Grade: Mild steel

Mild steel is a commonly utilized form of steel that possesses favorable properties for a wide range of applications. It can be categorized into two types: regular low-carbon steel and interstitial atom-free steel. The microstructure of mild steel is typically composed of ferrite, a soft and ductile type of iron crystal. Low-carbon steel may also have trace amounts of pearlite, a blend of ferrite and cementite.

Despite its low strength and hardness, mild steel is highly regarded for its welding and stamping characteristics. Its low carbon content allows for easy shaping and manipulation, which makes it a favored option for various industrial uses. Moreover, interstitial-free steel is particularly adept at producing intricate and deeply drawn components, such as door inner panels, body side panels, fuel tanks, and floor parts.

Related material grade: DC53D+Z-T


Grade: DC53D+Z-T
C(max): 0.12
Mn(max): 0.6
Si(max): 0.5

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