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Fenders are an essential component of an automobile that protect the vehicle and its occupants from dirt, debris, and water splashes generated by the tires. They are located on both sides of the automobile, covering the wheel well area and extending to the front and rear of the vehicle.

Fenders are typically made of sheet metal, plastic or fiberglass materials, and can be painted to match the color of the vehicle. Some modern vehicles feature fenders made of lightweight materials such as aluminum, which can help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and improve fuel efficiency.

In addition to providing protection, fenders also play a role in the aerodynamics of the vehicle. They are designed to channel air away from the wheels and reduce air resistance, which can improve the vehicle’s overall efficiency and performance.

Recommended Steel Grade: Bake Hardened Steel

Bake-hardened steel is a type of steel that gains its strength and hardness through a combination of carbon and nitrogen atoms, along with the addition of strengthening elements such as phosphorus and manganese. These elements form solid solutions within the steel that prevent the movement of dislocations, leading to increased strength and hardness.

Once the steel has been shaped, it undergoes age hardening, which involves heating it to a specific temperature and holding it there for a certain duration. This process allows for the precipitation of small particles in the steel, further enhancing its strength.

Bake-hardened steel is commonly used in applications that require high durability and strength, such as automotive outer coverings. The steel typically has a ferrite microstructure, which is soft and ductile but can be hardened through the addition of other elements and heat treatment. However, excessive carbon can make the steel brittle and reduce its overall strength.

Related material grade: HC220BD+Z or HC220BD+ZF


Grade: HC220BD+Z, HC220BD+ZF
C(max): 0.06
Mn(max): 1
Si(max): 0.5

The company’s main business is general GMW standard, Fiat EFE standard, Volvo VDA standard, Nissan NEN standard, Volkswagen VW50065, Ford WSS-M and other standard series of automotive steel.
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