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Wear-resistant steel plate


Baosteel 5-meter heavy plate mill was established in March 2005, with the annual production capacity of 1.8 million tons.

Its main production equipments are provided by German SMS and SIE. The 5-meter heavy plate mill extensively adopts the state

of-the-art heavy plate technologies and facilities in the world, including high precision of rolling technique, TMCP/DQ technology,

automatic control technique for strong leveling process, automatic cutting technique, automatic online ultrasonic detective tech

nique, non-oxidation heat treatment technique, pre-leveler, comprehensive plate surface measuring apparatus and automatic

marking, etc. In this way, requirements of high dimensional accuracy and mechanical property for high grade heavy steel plates

from customers can be satisfied.

The heavy plate mill can produce high strength machinery structure steel, hull structural steel plates, offshore structural steel

plates, oil and gas transportation pipeline steel plates, high strength construction structural steel plates and steel plates for boilers

and pressure vessels. In the past decade Baosteel has exerted utmost effort to develop and supply high-quality heavy plates to

meet customers’ demands. We are continuously expanding our products types, improving our products quality.

A Variety of Available Grades

A total of 9 grades are available: the basic series with 2 grades of hardness, and the alloy series with 4 grades, and the easy weld

ing series with 3 grades, providing a complete product line that can meet a wide range of applications.

Basic Series

This series consists of grades pro

duced with the main emphasis on

their hardness levels, the chemical

composition being basically simple

while the addition of other alloying

elements is restrained.

Alloy Series

This series contains alloying elements

in greater quantities than the basic

series. Both the prescribed hardness

and low-temperature toughness are


Easy Welding Series

This series contains restrained con

tents of carbon and alloying elements.

The value of CEV is lower than the

standard series and the alloy series,

which is good to welding.

Grade and Specifications

Typical Grade and Specifications for B-HARD
Thickness, mmWidth, mmLength, mm
B-HARD360A/B (Basic type)6-901300-42006000-25000
B-HARD360C/D/E (Alloy type)6-801300-42006000-25000
B-HARD360CFA/B/C/D/E (Easy welding)6–201300-42006000-25000
B-HARD400A/B (Basic type)6-901300-42006000-25000
B-HARD400C/D/E (Alloy type)6-801300-42006000-25000
B-HARD400CFA/B/C/D/E (Easy welding)6–201300-42006000-25000
B-HARD450A/B/C/D/E (Alloy type)6-751300-42006000-25000
B-HARD450CFA/B/C/D/E (Easy welding)6–201300-42006000-25000
B-HARD500A/B/C/D/E (Alloy type)6-751300-42006000-25000

Chemical Composition

Typical Chemical Composition for B-HARD
GradeChemical Composition wt.%CEVa
B-HARD360 (Basic type)
B-HARD360 (Alloy type)
B-HARD360CF (Easy welding)
B-HARD400 (Basic type)
B-HARD400 (Alloy type)
B-HARD400CF (Easy welding)
B-HARD450 (Alloy type)
B-HARD450CF (Easy welding)
B-HARD500 (Alloy type)