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Leveling shearing

Leveling is a metal sheet processing technique used to achieve a smooth surface finish on metal sheets that are typically thick in size. During the leveling process, the metal sheet is placed on a machine where it is passed through a series of drive and pressure rollers. The sheet is gradually rolled, pressed, and stretched to remove any surface irregularities until it meets the required flatness specifications.

The primary purpose of leveling is to eliminate any bulges, bumps, or warping on the metal sheet’s surface, which could significantly affect its performance and appearance. This process is commonly used in the production of steel, aluminum, copper, and other metal sheets, and is widely used in various industries such as construction, shipbuilding, automotive, machinery manufacturing, and power equipment.

The leveling process involves several steps, including feeding the sheet into the leveling machine, pre-cutting the sheet if necessary, rolling the sheet to create a slight curve at both ends, passing the sheet through a series of drive and pressure rollers, cutting the sheet to the required length, and finally, discharging the leveled sheet.

Production LineMachining ThicknessMachining WidthMachining Length
10.3mm – 3.0mm50mm – 1650mm250mm – 4000mm
20.5mm – 10mm50mm – 1300mm250mm – 4000mm

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