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Aluminum refers to materials made of aluminum or its alloys, which have the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, and easy processing and molding. The manufacturing process of aluminum mainly includes casting, extrusion, rolling, stretching and other methods, which can be made into materials of various shapes and specifications, such as plates, bars, pipes, profiles, etc.

Aluminum is widely used in industry, construction, transportation, electronics, aerospace and other fields. It is widely used in the aerospace field because of its lightweight and high-strength properties, which can reduce weight and improve flight efficiency. In automobile manufacturing, aluminum can reduce body weight and improve fuel efficiency. In the field of construction, aluminum can produce beautiful appearance and structure, but also has the advantages of corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. In the electrical and electronic fields, the conductive properties of aluminum can make it an ideal material for the manufacture of electronic products such as wires and cables.