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Slitting is a process used to cut a wide sheet or coil of material into narrower strips or coils. It is commonly used in manufacturing industries, such as metalworking, plastics, textiles, paper, and more.

The process involves passing the material through a set of circular blades, called slitters, which are spaced apart to cut the material into the desired widths. The blades are typically mounted on a rotating shaft and can be adjusted to produce different widths. The slitting process can be done either by using a straight or rotary blade, depending on the type of material being cut.

Slitting is used to produce materials of specific widths for various purposes, such as making products, packaging, and labels. The process can also be used to produce smaller coils or rolls that are easier to handle, transport, and store.

Production LineMachining ThicknessMachining Width
10.3mm – 3.0mm20mm – 1600mm
20.3mm – 10mm20mm – 2000mm

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