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Rear parcel shelf assembly | Automotive steel

Rear parcel shelf

The rear parcel shelf, also known as the rear package tray, is a flat panel located above the rear seats in a car’s cabin. It is designed to provide a platform for storing small items such as books, bags, and other lightweight objects. The rear parcel shelf also serves as a cover for the trunk area, providing an added level of security and privacy for items stored in the back of the vehicle.

Recommended Steel Grade: Bake Hardened Steel (BH)

Steel contains a certain amount of carbon and nitrogen atoms in solid solution, which can be strengthened by adding elements like phosphorus and manganese. Age hardening further increases the yield strength of the steel after processing, forming, and baking at a specific temperature. This type of steel is commonly utilized in automotive body panels and has a ferrite microstructure.

Related material grade: HC180BD+Z


Grade: HC180BD+Z
C(max): 0.04
Mn(max): 1
Si(max): 0.5

Rear parcel shelf front crossmember

The rear parcel shelf front crossmember is a horizontal beam that connects the two sides of the rear parcel shelf in a car’s cabin. It is usually made of metal and located within the frame structure beneath the rear seats. The front crossmember provides additional strength and stability to support the items stored on the rear parcel shelf. The design and material of the crossmember may vary depending on the make and model of the car, and it is an important component for the overall structural integrity of the rear parcel shelf.

Recommended Steel Grade: Carbon structural high strength steel (CMn)

High-strength carbon structural steel is a variety of steel that achieves elevated strength levels by incorporating small amounts of alloying elements such as silicon and manganese, primarily through solid solution strengthening. The primary microstructure of this steel is composed of ferrite and pearlite.

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