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Hot-dip Al-Zn coated steel sheet DC51D+AZ, DC52D+AZ, DC53D+AZ,…

Material characteristics

The hot-dip Al-Zn coated steel sheet possesses several distinguishing characteristics. Firstly, it exhibits excellent machinability, making it suitable for various processing methods, including rolling and coiling. Additionally, it offers superior thermal resistance compared to standard HDG steel plates, as it can operate in environments up to 315°C for prolonged periods without undergoing color changes. Moreover, it boasts a high reflectivity, with the ability to reflect both heat and light twice as effectively as hot-dip zinc steel sheets. Its reflectivity exceeds the minimum required by the EPA Energy Star Standard, standing at over 0.70, making it an optimal construction material for energy-saving purposes.

Application field

The hot-dip Al-Zn coated steel sheet finds its application in various fields. In architecture, it is used for constructing roofs and outside walls of both civilian and industrial buildings, as well as for making garage doors, fences, and window blinds. In industrial instruments, it is employed in the manufacturing of electric control cabinets, industrial refrigeration equipment, and automatic vending machines, among others. The sheet is also utilized in the appliances industry, where it serves as outer clad sheets for washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, and ventilation systems. Additionally, it can be used for making explosion-proof strips, solar water heaters, and appliance parts. Other applications of the hot-dip Al-Zn coated steel sheet include the production of mufflers, heat shields for exhaust pipes and catalytic converters, auto parts and accessories under the frame, and signboards on highways.

Material Grade and Mechanical Properties

Cold forming

GradeMechanical properties


GradeMechanical properties

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