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Baosteel battery shell steel BDCK


Baosteel battery case steel is a specialized material that is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of alkaline or secondary battery case punching. It is a perfect choice for battery cases that require high speed, deep drawing, and thinned drawing processes. Additionally, this steel grade is ideal for battery cases that have strict appearance quality requirements, ensuring that the final product has a flawless finish. Baosteel battery case steel can also be used for pre or post nickel plated battery cases. Overall, this specialized steel grade is an excellent option for manufacturers who want to produce high-quality battery cases that can withstand rigorous use and meet strict industry standards.

Material characteristics

This paragraph discusses the precision and quality standards for battery case steel used in stamping. The thickness accuracy of pitted battery case steel should be within ± 0.01mm, while the micro negative tolerance design of smooth battery shell steel should be between -0.007mm and 0.003mm for applicable thicknesses of 0.25-0.3mm. Using high purity steel can reduce defects such as ‘sand hole’ caused by the material, and the excellent inherent quality characteristics of the materials can also reduce ‘snowflake’ defects. Maintaining a high level of surface quality and control can minimize quality risks associated with stamping materials.

Material Grade and Mechanical Properties

GradeMechanical properties 

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