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Single-sided stainless steel composite coil BMJ01,…

Product description

BMJ01 stainless steel composite coils are produced using a controlled rolling and cooling technique that combines conventional austenitic stainless steel 304 with ordinary carbon steel Q235B. This composite rolling process results in products with superior comprehensive properties, including excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.


A robust economy requires the efficient use of precious metals like nickel and chromium. Atomic diffusion is used to bond the base and cladding materials, making it impossible to separate them. Composite materials offer comparable levels of uniform corrosion resistance and pitting as solid solution 304. In fact, they often outperform carbon steel alternatives. Welding filler metals produce joints that exhibit exceptional overall performance.

Material grade and performance introduction

Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties


Chemical composition%


Mechanical properties


The base material is carbon steel, which exhibits a typical structure of ferrite (F) and pearlite (P). On the other hand, the cladding material is stainless steel, devoid of carbide precipitation, and bonded metallurgically to the base material.

Corrosion performance

The composite material exhibits uniform corrosion resistance, as demonstrated by its ability to withstand the neutral salt spray test specified in GB/T10125 for 240 hours without any signs of rust. Its pitting corrosion performance is also noteworthy, with a pitting potential measurement of above 0.30V, which is equivalent to solid solution 304 stainless steel, as per the GB/T 17899 method. Furthermore, its intergranular corrosion resistance is comparable to that of solid solution 304 stainless steel, as determined by the ASTM G108 test method for detecting electrochemical reactivation (EPR) in sensitized 304 and 304L stainless steel.

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