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Rolled composite high-strength corrosion-resistant checkered plate BHW01, BHW02

Product description

Checkered plates are in high demand due to their aesthetic appeal and slip-resistant surfaces, and are commonly used in a variety of settings such as roads, stairways, trench covers, and platforms in various industrial settings including manufacturing, chemical plants, food factories, and pharmaceutical plants. However, carbon steel checkered plates are known to be susceptible to corrosion, which poses a major problem for industries operating in corrosive environments. This not only increases costs but also compromises the safety of components, reducing the material’s usability. To address this issue, designers may consider using additional materials and extending maintenance periods. While stainless steel checkered plates offer corrosion resistance, they lack the necessary structural properties for safe operation. Rolled composite high-strength anti-corrosion checkered plates have recently been introduced as a solution, offering both the corrosion resistance of stainless steel cladding and the mechanical properties of carbon steel bases. These plates exhibit superior macroscopic appearance characteristics, enhanced structural features, mechanical properties, and user processing abilities, making them a highly preferred option overall.

Structural features

The composite pattern plate comprises of four layers, with the upper and lower layers made of stainless steel, while the center layer is carbon steel. The upper surface features a patterned design, and the lower surface is flat. By using stainless steel cladding material in the upper and lower layers, the composite pattern plate offers equivalent corrosion resistance as pure stainless steel. It eliminates the need for anti-corrosion treatment during use, reduces the need for manual inspection and maintenance, and eliminates potential safety hazards.

Material grades and performance characteristics

Mechanical properties


Mechanical properties
Technical conditions≥350≥500≥10
Typical performance48462737.3
Technical conditions≥350≥500≥10
Typical performance48759722.4


The exceptional processing capabilities of the material allow for both forward and reverse bending up to 0.7a without cracking or delamination, meeting the processing requirements of numerous components.

Corrosion resistance

The material exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, with uniform performance in neutral salt spray tests (GB/T 10125) for up to 240 hours without any signs of rusting. In terms of pitting performance, the multilayer stainless steel’s pitting potential measures above 0.30V using the GB/T 17899 method, equivalent to that of solid solution 304 stainless steel. Similarly, when tested for intergranular corrosion resistance using the ASTM G108 electrochemical reactivation (EPR) test method, the multilayer stainless steel performs similarly to solid solution 304 stainless steel.

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