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Alloy tool steel 75Cr1, 8CrV/80CrV2,…

Features and Applications

Alloy tool steel is a type of steel that has been enhanced with alloying elements to improve its wear resistance and toughness, making it superior to carbon tool steel. Its exceptional properties make it the preferred choice for cutting tools. Alloy tool steel is commonly utilized in the production of cutlery, saws, circular saws, and re-rolling applications.

Material Grade/Chemical Composition and Mechanical Properties

GradeChemical composition%


Mechanical properties
Hot-rolled hardnessHVAnnealed hardnessHVQuenching hardnessHRC

Manufacture process and delivery condition

The manufacturing process of BT steels involves killing them in an oxygen converter. Once refined and continuously cast, the slabs are reheated and rolled into coils through the use of TMCP rolling process. After thorough inspection, the BT steels can be delivered in the form of either coils or sheets that have undergone powerful leveling and cutting.
In terms of delivery condition, these steels can be provided in a variety of conditions such as TMCP, quenched, annealed quenched and tempered, and more.
To meet specific customer requirements, steel plates can be delivered with pretreatment, such as blasting. Processing and distribution services are available to ensure that the end products meet the needs of the customer.

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