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Metallic material
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Steel for Truck Body BW300, BW300TP, B650XT,…

By utilizing wear-resistant steel for the dump truck body, it is possible to reduce its weight by 30-50% as compared to an ordinary steel structure. The use of this type of steel provides the truck body with high strength, rigidity, and toughness, making it resistant to impacts and dents while also improving its abrasion resistance and ensuring a long service life. Baosteel offers a comprehensive range of technical support services, including recommendations for materials, processing, welding, and lightweight design, to further enhance the performance of the truck body.

Material Grades and Typical Applications

GradeProduct Features:
Wear resistent steel
Low grade, apply to road dump truck body, etc.
BW450, BW500
High grade, apply to mining dump truck body, etc.
Easy forming wear resistent steel, apply to concrete mixer tank body, etc
High strength steel
B650XT, B700XT, B800XT
High strength steel plate, with good plasticity,easy processing, easy welding,
      high strength and durable, suitable for the modification of the truck body cold formed tube,            side panels, frame structure, crashproof beam and so on.

Mechanical properties of XT high-strength steel


Mechanical properties

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