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Steel is an important material used in a wide range of fields including construction, manufacturing, transportation and energy. In order to ensure the quality and reliability of steel, strict quality certification is required. The following is a description of steel quality certification:

Material composition detection: The composition of steel has a very important impact on its performance and use. Therefore, during the production process, the composition of each batch of steel needs to be tested to ensure that it meets the requirements of national or industry standards.

Strength performance testing: The strength of steel is one of its most important properties. In order to ensure that the strength of the steel meets the requirements, various tests such as tensile and impact are required to evaluate its mechanical properties.

Appearance quality inspection: The appearance quality of steel has a great influence on its service life and aesthetics. In the production process, the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the steel need to be strictly tested to ensure that its appearance quality meets the standard requirements.

Identification: In order to facilitate management and tracking, each batch of steel needs to be identified, and the identification includes the production date, specification, batch and other information of the steel.

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