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Front subframe and Rear torsion beam | Automotive steel

Front subframe

The front subframe is a structural component in a vehicle that supports the engine, suspension, and steering components. It is usually located at the front of the vehicle, and it is designed to withstand the weight and forces generated by the engine and other vehicle components. The front subframe is typically made of steel or aluminum, and it is attached to the vehicle’s chassis using bolts or other fasteners. Its main function is to provide a solid mounting point for the engine and suspension, as well as to absorb impact forces in the event of a collision.

Recommended Steel Grade: Carbon Structural High Strength Steel

Carbon structure high-strength steel obtains high strength by adding alloy trace elements such as Si and Mn, mainly through solid solution strengthening. The main structure is ferrite + pearlite.

Related material grade: SAPH440

Rear torsion beam

The rear torsion beam, also known as rear torsion bar or twist beam axle, is a type of suspension system used in the rear of some vehicles. It is a solid beam that connects the rear wheels and serves as a pivot point for the suspension movement. The beam is usually made of steel and has a twisted shape, hence the name “torsion beam”. The twist in the beam allows it to absorb the vertical movements of the rear wheels and provide a smoother ride for the passengers.

Recommended Steel Grade: High Strength Low Alloy Steel

High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel is a type of steel that is strengthened by adding small amounts of microalloying elements such as niobium, titanium, and vanadium to low-carbon steel. The addition of these elements forms carbon and nitrogen compound precipitates, resulting in a microstructure of ferrite and a small amount of carbide. This steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, providing both high strength and good welding properties.

The company’s main business is general GMW standard, Fiat EFE standard, Volvo VDA standard, Nissan NEN standard, Volkswagen VW50065, Ford WSS-M and other standard series of automotive steel.
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