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Martensitic steel (MS) HC700/980MS, HC950/1180MS,…


Martensite is a type of microstructure that forms in steels and other alloys when they undergo rapid cooling, such as during quenching. It is characterized by a very hard and brittle structure that is composed of needle-shaped crystals.

When a steel is heated to a high temperature and then rapidly cooled, the carbon atoms within the steel do not have enough time to diffuse and form a more stable structure, so they become trapped in the distorted lattice structure of the martensite. This results in a very hard and brittle material that is commonly used in applications such as knives, cutting tools, and springs.

The microstructure of martensite can vary depending on the cooling rate and the composition of the alloy. For example, a high carbon content will result in a more brittle structure, while a low carbon content will result in a more ductile structure.

Overall, the microstructure of martensite is characterized by a very fine and uniform structure with high strength and hardness, but also low toughness and ductility.

Performance characteristics

This material exhibits high yield and tensile strength, with a relatively low elongation property. While these characteristics make it suitable for applications requiring excellent resistance to stress and deformation, the risk of delayed cracking should be taken into account. Measures should be taken to prevent this phenomenon from occurring under high-stress conditions.

Main applications

This material is ideal for the production of basic cold-stamped components and single-section roll-formed parts. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of impact-resistant components such as bumpers, door sill reinforcement plates, and side door impact bars. These applications require a material with good cold-forming properties and the ability to withstand high impact loads.

Material Grade and Mechanical Properties


Mechanical properties 
Cold-rolled MS steel

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