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Dordinary cold-rolled DP steel HC250/450DP, HC290/490DP,…


The microstructure of this steel comprises primarily of ferrite and martensite, with the latter dispersed in an island-like pattern throughout the ferrite matrix. This structural arrangement imparts good formability to the steel due to the soft nature of the ferrite, while simultaneously providing high strength owing to the hardness of the martensite. The steel’s strength increases proportionally with the amount of harder martensite present. Depending on the intended application, DP steels are manufactured with varying yield ratios (YS/TS).

Performance characteristics

No yield elongation: Yield elongation is a measure of how much a material deforms before it starts to show signs of permanent deformation (yielding). A material with no yield elongation means that it will begin to deform (yield) at a specific point without stretching first.

No room temperature aging: Aging refers to changes that occur in a material over time, such as hardening or softening. Room temperature aging means that these changes occur at normal room temperatures. A material with no room temperature aging will maintain its properties over a long period without significant changes.

Low yield strength ratio: The yield strength ratio is the ratio of the yield strength in tension to the yield strength in compression. A low yield strength ratio indicates that a material has similar strengths in both tension and compression.

High work hardening index: Work hardening, also known as strain hardening, is the process by which a material becomes stronger and more resistant to deformation as it is strained. The work hardening index is a measure of how quickly a material hardens as it is deformed. A high work hardening index means that a material becomes significantly stronger as it is deformed.

High bake hardening value: Bake hardening is a process by which a material’s strength increases after being baked at a specific temperature. The bake hardening value is a measure of how much the material’s strength increases after baking. A high bake hardening value means that a material becomes significantly stronger after being baked.

Main applications

Currently, DP series high-strength steel is the preferred steel type for various structural components. It is commonly utilized in the production of stiffeners, structural parts, and anti-collision parts like cross members under the car, rails, anti-collision bars, and anti-collision bar stiffeners.

Material Grade and Mechanical Properties


Mechanical properties

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