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Metallic material
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BMW standard | GS93032 | Supply grade

GS 93032-4-CR180BH
GS 93032-4-CR210BH
GS 93032-4-CR240BH
GS 93032-4-CR280BH
GS 93032-5-CR180IF
GS 93032-5-CR180IF-CR210IF
GS 93032-5-CR180IF-CR240IF
GS 93032-3-CR210LA
GS 93032-3-CR240LA
GS 93032-3-CR270LA
GS 93032-3-CR340LA
GS 93032-3-CR380LA
GS 93032-3-CR420LA
GS 93032-3-HR300LA
GS 93032-3-HR340LA
GS 93032-3-HR380LA
GS 93032-3-HR420LA
GS 93032-3-HR460LA
GS 93032-3-HR500LA
GS 93032-3-HR300MC
GS 93032-3-HR340MC
GS 93032-3-HR380MC
GS 93032-3-HR420MC
GS 93032-3-HR460MC
GS 93032-3-HR500MC
GS 93032-7-CR250Y440T–DP
GS 93032-7-CR290Y490T–DP
GS 93032-7-CR330Y590T–DP
GS 93032-7-CR440Y780T–DP
GS 93032-7-CR700Y980T–DP
GS 93032-7-HR330Y580T–DP
GS 93032-8-CR570Y780T– CP
GS 93032-8-CR660Y780T–CP
GS 93032-8-HR660Y760T–CP
GS 93032-6-HR280MB
GS 93032-6-HR280MB-CR300MB
GS 93032-6-HR280MB-CR380MB
GS 93032-9-CR400Y690T-TR
GS 93032-10 CR950Y1200T-MS
GS 93032-10 HR900Y1180T–MS

The company’s main business is general GMW standard, Fiat EFE standard, Volvo VDA standard, Nissan NEN standard, Volkswagen VW50065, Ford WSS-M and other standard series of automotive steel.
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